Volunteer With the Wylde Center!

With 6 or move service opportunities a week at 4 urban greenspaces we welcome your help and encourage you to DIG IN! Click on the CALENDAR tab on the left for day/time/locations.

We also have opportunities to help with our Farm to School program, event planning committees, plant sale and more. To keep up with our special volunteer opportunities contact volunteer@Wyldecenter.org to be added to our news list. See below for detailed info on how you can get more involved right away. You can even help us by promoting the garden to your friends! Find us on Facebook.

New to Volunteering? Click here!


If you have questions, concerns, want to schedule a group service trip , or would like to be added to our Volunteer Info List contact volunteer@wyldecenter.org. When inquiring about a group please provide the following info :
  • Number of volunteers in your group,
  • Age range,
  • Days and times your group wants to volunteer,
  • Number of hrs of service.

All of our gardens require 1 Chaperon or more per 10 youth volunteers. We may accept volunteers 7+ but prefer 12+ years old.

Water, bug repellent, sunscreen, closed toe shoes, and appropriate work clothes are recommended when working in the garden. If there is a Health Advisory Warning we advise that Seniors and Youth do not volunteer with us outdoors. If it is precipitating heavily or below 35 degrees the workday will be cancelled. Please check the volunteer calendar.
  • When you arrive to volunteer you must sign in on volunteer check in. Ask Garden Manager where check in is.
  • We have 4 public Gardens where you can volunteer
  • You can complete court ordered service with us. You will need to disclose why you have been issued a court ordered community service. Please contact volunteer@wyldecenter.org and let us know in advance which regularly scheduled workday you can attend.

Volunteer at our 4 Gardens!

  • Oakhurst Garden Site is located at 435 Oakview rd. Decatur, GA 30030. Workdays are scheduled regularly on the following days; Tuesdays 3 PM-5 PM, and  the 2nd Saturday of each month: 9 am – 12 pm. Tasks: maintenance and planting in the vegetable, woodland, and ornamental gardens; maintenance tasks in the composting area; and, general clean-up.The maximum number of volunteers for these sites is 20. The Oakhurst Garden Manager is JC Hines. Contact us at volunteer@wyldecenter.org  with OAKHURST VOLUNTEER in the subject line if you have questions about this site.
    Wylde Woods work days at the Oakhurst Garden with DeKalb County Extension Master Gardener
    Calling all forest lovers- we need your help. Join Kat and Frances at the Oakhurst Garden to help and learn about our Native Woods! Just show up, sign in on the porch and dig in! Group service  opportunities available with a max of 15 volunteers. Contact volunteer@wyldecenter.org  with WYLDE WOODS VOLUNTEER in the subject line to schedule a group.
  • Sugar Creek Garden is located at the back of the Oakhurst Presbyterian Church Parking Lot, near the intersection between E. Lake Drive and 2nd Avenue. The GPS Address: 415 E. Lake Dr., Decatur, GA 30030. Workdays are scheduled regularly on the following days: Mondays from 10-12pm.  Please refer to Volunteer Calendar  to be sure the workday is occurring. The maximum number of volunteers for this site is 20. Sugar Creek Garden is an edible greenspace that is in its 4th year of production.To volunteer at this site please contact  volunteer@wyldecenter.org with SUGAR CREEK VOLUNTEER in the subject line. if you have questions about this site.
  • Edgewood Community Learning Garden is located at 1503 Hardee Street Atlanta, GA 30307. Workdays are Fridays from 10am-12:30pm; 9am-12pm the third Saturday of every other month in February, April, June, August, October and December. Tasks: planting and maintaining crops, maintaining the compost area, and site renovation projects.  The maximum number of volunteers is  15. The Edgewood Community Learning Garden Manager is Monica Ponce. To volunteer at this site please contact volunteer@wyldecenter.org with EDGEWOOD VOLUNTEER in the subject line.
  • Hawk Hollow Greenspace is located at 2304 1st Ave. Atlanta, GA 30317. Join Wylde Center staff at our newest green space from 9am-12pm on the first Saturday of every other month in March, May, July, September, November. You can come solo, bring a friend or a large group. The Hawk Hollow Garden Manager is Monica Ponce. To volunteer at this site please volunteer@wyldecenter.org with HAWK HOLLOW VOLUNTEER in the subject line.

Plant Sale Coordination and Planting

Join the Horticultural Team at the Oakhurst Garden, Volunteer and learn about starting veggies.

Did you know that 99.9% of the work completed to make our plant sale a reality is done by volunteers?!  The income from the Wylde Center plant sale is a significant part of the budget that we raise each year.  Funds from the plant sale support our garden based education efforts and our four greenspaces.  Have some time during the week?  Great, because we need your help!

Join us to sow out seeds, pot up plants and keep the sales area looking sharp.

We have SPRING workdays throughout the week. We hope one of them works for you.

  • Every Thursday 4-7 p.m. through end of May
  • Every Sunday 2-5 p.m. through end of May


Show up – Sign in – Dig In: Meet in area near or around the green house.

Tasks: Sowing out seeds, transplanting, and preparing the plant sale area for continual sales. Volunteers should meet in or around the green house.

No experience necessary.

Contact: volunteer@wyldecenter.org for questions or to schedule a group. Max number of volunteers is 10 age 12+

Volunteers will learn

  • How to start vegetables from seed
  • The seed sowing calendar
  • Taking cuttings of herbs, rooting them
  • Sowing out herbs from seed
  • Thinning and potting up succulents

Additional plant sale opportunities will be scheduled during the spring season.

Youth Programming

Hours: Flexible and varied based on programming schedule. Tasks: Support the Youth Programs Manager in planning, during, and post programs. Great way to gain environmental education experience working with youth. Contact: Melanie Heckman at melanie@wyldecenter.org

Decatur Farm to School

Decatur Farm to School (DF2S) is a grassroots effort to connect City Schools of Decatur with local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in their cafeterias, improving student nutrition, and providing health and nutrition education opportunities that will last a lifetime. DF2S activities take place in the cafeteria, in the classroom and in the garden. Volunteer opportunities include helping at school gardens, assisting teachers with their F2S curricular activities, and helping during CSD professional work days, cafeteria taste tests, and fundraising events, etc. Please contact Lucia Pawloski at lcpawloski@gmail.com to volunteer.

Administrative Assistance

Hours: Vary based on your schedule.Some of the work is work that can be done from your home. Tasks: Updating database, assisting with mailings, and whatever else needs doing. We can keep you busy!

Contact: Stephanie Van Parys, Stephanie@Wyldecenter.org

Special Events

We need volunteers to help us in a variety of ways for the following events. Join our planning committees,help the day of with setting up, promote events to your friends, lead an activity, or help us clean up. Contact volunteer@wyldecenter.org