About Wylde Center

The mission of Wylde Center is to educate, cultivate greenspaces and build community in the areas we serve.

Wylde Center accomplishes this through educational programs, events and greenspaces that actively engage youth, families and individuals in their environment, health and community, and that develop skills in environmental science, sustainable urban living, organic gardening, health, and nutrition.

Wylde Center was founded in 1997 out of a need to provide opportunities to experience nature in an urban environment. As a result of the community’s involvement and commitment, the organization has evolved into a large and active nonprofit organization operating five greenspaces (Oakhurst Garden, Sugar Creek Garden, Hawk Hollow, Edgewood Community Learning Garden, and the Mulberry Fields Garden) in four different Decatur and Atlanta neighborhoods, open year round for the community, for events and for Wylde Center’s educational programs.

Additionally, Wylde Center provides one of the largest youth environmental and science education programs in metro-Atlanta, including the Decatur Farm to School program, Atlanta Farm to School, Healthy Living by Healthy Growing at the Decatur Housing Authority, and science program and field trips linked to Common Core standards.

Our Values


  • We believe that we should honor the land by remaining conscious of how we impact the environment in which we live. By embracing sustainable living and organic practices we strive to be good environmental stewards.
  • We believe in encouraging a healthy lifestyle by nurturing the mind, body and soul.
  • We believe that education is the key to creating a change in human behavior and our approach to how we impact the environment.
  • We embrace life-long learning and feel that proactive outreach is critical to creating social change.
  • We believe that we must embrace community engagement and be receptive to the needs of the community. Our organization exists due to cooperation between the people that live, work, and play within our community.
  • We believe in equal access and inclusion for people of all economic, ethnic, religious, generational, lifestyle, and ability groups.