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Hawk Hollow Garden

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Hawk Hollow is a natural setting with a woodland Tolkien feel. It is a place to explore habitats and ecosystems. There are woodland paths, a butterfly garden, a creek, a magical treehouse to sit and contemplate or look for native birds.

Hawk Hollow’s purpose is to restore as much native habitat as possible while removing invasive species. New native species are introduced on an annual basis. Some are easily placed in open spaces, but some must be strategically planned to compensate from removal of invasives while leaving as much habitat intact as possible. In some cases, long term non- natives are left to keep the native wildlife in place. It is a great place to become an explorer.

It is home to many birds, a family of turtles, frogs, owls and some hyperactive kudzu vine. Hawk Hollow is one of Atlanta’s unique urban/wild interfaces, and we at the Wylde Center are excited to be stewards of this property. With its streamside location and its vital microecosystem, there are opportunities galore to explore how we can help native plants and animals thrive in these little habitat pockets. Our focus at this greenspace is stream bed restoration and water quality improvement, invasive plant management and reintroduction of native plants and pollinators. And it wouldn’t be Wylde without a pinch of play and a cup of curiosity thrown in for good measure.

Click here to look at the Hawk Hollow Site Plan

Where does the name Hawk Hollow come from? On the property grows a tree with a hollow base that is fun to explore. Don’t worry, the tree is still healthy!  And above, hawks make the treetops and the surrounding area their home.
Hawk Hollow is currently under the process of having site improvement plans approved by the City of Atlanta so that we can create outdoor classrooms, play space and a tree house.  If you have any questions directly related to construction, please contact Greenspace Director, JC Hines, at


Hawk Hollow Garden
2304 1st Avenue
Atlanta, GA  30317

Hawk Hollow was donated to the Wylde Center in May 2012.  Just north of Oakview on 1st Avenue, Hawk Hollow rests on a flood plain of the Ocmulgee watershed.

To learn about volunteer opportunities at Hawk Hollow please visit or email

Groups may volunteer by appointment.

Tamara Jones

Hawk Hollow Site Coordinator
Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tamara Jones joined the Wylde Center as the new site coordinator for Hawk Hollow in June 2015. She brings her experience as site manager of the Decatur High School community garden and her work with the DHS culinary arts department. She completed the Dekalb County Master Gardener program in 2010 and has put in many volunteer hours gardening. She is excited to be working at the Wylde Center because she loves working in gardens, especially when it involves working with people of all ages. She is also looking forward to learning about planting Georgia’s native plants at Hawk Hollow.

Favorite vegetable to grow: Basil, tomato, okra!
Favorite plant to grow: Fig
Favorite place to eat: My house using produce from my garden