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Dig deeper this spring and help Wylde Center meet its $10,000 March 31st goal.

The Wylde Center worked with over 15,000 children last year. Help us to reach even more in 2015. Here’s how: renew your membership with the Wylde Center today or donate for the first time! Please consider giving a larger donation. To do our good work, we need to raise $10,000 by March 31st. A donation at any level will help us reach our goal.

Urban Coop Tour tickets are now on sale!

March 27, 28, 29, 2015
The Tour features 13 coops across Decatur, East Atlanta, Edgewood, Grant Park and the Old Fourth Ward. Coop owners will be available to introduce their ladies, answer questions and discuss coop design. Many coops feature artwork, edible landscaping, or other livestock (including rabbits, goats and a pot-bellied pig!).

Tickets: $20 early bird, $25 on Tour weekend. Free for children age 12 and under

Check out Rentals and Birthdays at the Oakhurst Garden

Join us at the Oakhurst Garden for your special occasion! We have several options including themed packages with magical and talented hosts. Great way to have an eco-friendly party and enjoy our beautiful natural space.

You may purchase a gift certificate for a class, plants, events, membership, or a birthday party. Choose from $15, $25, or $50 increments. This a great way to honor someone who already enjoys what the Wylde Center has to offer or introduce someone to the Wylde Center for the first time.

Wylde Center Wish List

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend for family member? Want to support the Wylde Center, but not necessarily join as a member? Choosing an item from our Wish List is the perfect solution.

Wondering what has changed, what has stayed the same since the Oakhurst Community Garden Project name changed to the Wylde Center?  Watch this Tin Rooster Media produced video for your answer.

In cooperation with the City of Decatur and the Dekalb County Public Library, we are pleased to announce a free series of classes about living a green and sustainable lifestyle.  Click the image for details!

During my early culinary career, I became overwhelmed by the abundant use of prepared, processed foods that were rich only in artificial colors, flavors and preservatives; commonly used in restaurants and food service establishments.  What saddened me most was to see these items featured on menus as ‘fresh’ and ‘natural’. As a student, I was…

6/17/2010 Welcome Andrea Zoppo

Andrea Zoppo joins us as our new Program Assistant. As an Artist, Teacher and Children’s Entertainer, Andrea Zoppo is excited to offer her many talents to The Oakhurst Community Garden. You may have seen her in Decatur at That Pottery Place where she assists families with art activities and parties. She is the director and…

Taste Tests in the Cafeteria: The Easiest Test You’ll Ever Take!