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Garden Coaching 101


Bring the Wylde Center to your school organization of business to help you start a garden!


What is Garden Coaching?  

Gardens build healthy minds, bodies, and communities.  Gardens connect people to the environment, their food, and the people around them.  When you start a garden and invite people in, you see greener futures unfold for everyone.

This is especially true for school gardens, where students participate in hands-on outdoor learning that reinforces their classroom curriculum as they try new foods and become environmental stewards.  Say you want to plant a garden at your school – but where do you start?  Or maybe you already have a garden, but don’t know how exactly to take care of it.  Or all of your plants are wilting – what’s wrong, and what do you do?  School gardens can be daunting, especially for parents and teachers who don’t have horticultural training.

For some green-thumb guidance, the Wylde Center offers its Garden Coach services for schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to help start gardens and keep them thriving.


What do I get from Garden Coaching?

Our experienced staff have studied agriculture, horticulture, sustainability, and school garden practices, as well as cultivated their knowledge through years of industry experience.

These Garden Coaches will come to you and help you answer the tough questions: Where and how should we build the garden beds? What do we put in the garden? How do we take care of it? Whether it’s seasonal growing, soil building, crop rotation, watering, composting, or pest management, we help you find the solution that’s right for you.

Finally, hands-on garden work is who we are. Our Wylde Center staff lead workdays to help with all of your garden needs, from bed building to irrigation, to planting – all while teaching you and your volunteers these same valuable techniques.

Even better, our highly trained Education staff can help you transform your garden into a hands-on learning experience for all ages!

Garden Coaching Services and Fees

The Wylde Center offers a number of  services and packages  to meet all of your school garden needs:


Site Visit and Consultation

The Wylde Center’s Garden Coach visits your site to recommend what steps to take with your garden: where to build it, how to repair it, what to plant, how to maintain it, and more.

Cost: $75/hr For four or more hours, $50/hr.

One Hour Site Consultations 5-10 miles from the Wylde Center will be charged a $15 trip fee and 10-20 miles $25.  Multiple hour consultations within 10 miles of the Wylde Center are not subject to a trip charge.


Site Drawing

Following a site visit, receive a drawing detailing your garden’s current state or recommended future plans. Site drawings are a great way to fundraise for your garden!

Cost: $75 base fee per drawing. The average school garden design takes 3 hours to complete and will incur an additional $35 per hour charge beyond this point. The garden coach can provide a quote based on your needs.

Please click on the picture for full imageIPS_drawing2 (3)

Garden Jump Start

Not sure what to do with your garden, but have parents eager to help?  Our Garden Coach can come to your garden and lead volunteers in a work day where they can all learn to maintain, plant, and build your school garden.  Visits of one hour will be mostly lecture and instruction; for the Garden Coach to work alongside volunteers, we recommend purchasing multiple hours.

Cost: $75/hr.  For four or more hours, $50/hr.


Community Installation Package

Get a jump start and a discount on starting your garden.  Package includes an initial site visit, drawing, sourcing materials, travel and organizing a  6-hour work day with up to four standard raised beds installed.  Minimum 8 volunteers (ages 12 and up) required for work day.

Cost: $400, plus the cost of materials

Want to include an initial planting in your garden build? Schools and non-profits receive wholesale pricing on whole flat purchases.


We Plant, You Pick Package

Get the seasonal help you need to get the most out of your garden during the school year.  Package includes prep work, weeding, sourcing materials, soil test, amendments, sowing seeds, planting and recommendations for in between care. Our Garden Coach will supply you of a seasonal list of available veggies at wholesale pricing to schools and non-profits.

Want your students to get dig in and sow seeds click here

Cost: $425, plus plant/seed cost, additional $50 initial site consult if we have never been to your space before.


Green Thumb Training

Want to learn how to care for the garden every season?  Have our Garden Coach visit your garden to lead a workday for teacher/educators/administrators/garden manager where you can learn alongside our Garden Coach in spring, summer, fall, and winter (or combination of seasons).  We will teach you how to plant properly, harvest and care for your plants to maximize growth and minimize pest and disease.  8 hours total. Includes one flat of veggies per season (spring, summer, fall).

For teacher training on how to link curriculum and the garden click here

Cost:  $400


Lettuce Maintain It

Let us do the handy work!  We will come out four times a year to make repairs to beds, irrigation, and trellises and winterize the garden in November/December.  We will also make sure the overall health and well being of the garden is in good shape.

Cost: $400 plus any additional materials

A la Carte: $75/hour up to four hours then $50/hr


Summer Lovin’

Do you wish there were summer veggies to harvest when your students come back to school?  Try one of our summer management programs.


Legacy Garden and Summer Maintenance

May has come, and some of your oldest students will be in your school for their last few days. Have them leave a legacy by planting the garden for the younger students. Our education team will come in to plan and plant the garden, and our Garden Coach team comes once a week to maintain it over the summer so that when students return their garden is beautiful and abundant!

Cost: Custom quote


Legacy Garden (no maintenance)

Don’t need summer maintenance?  We have students fill your beds with sweet potatoes.  Yum!  They are ready for harvest and curing once school is back in session.

For information about student plantings click here