Wylde Wine Tastings

Join Brandon Tai, a wine aficionado, a Wylde Center board member, and owner of Honey Next Door for a fun and delicious evening of wine tasting.

Brandon will start the evening by giving everyone a lay person’s guide to wine tasting as well as explaining what types of wine you will be sampling during this session.

Limited to 16 participants
$35 per person


Edgewood Wine Night – “Is It Worth It?” 

April 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m. @ Edgewood Community Learning Garden’s community center.

1503 Hardee Street, Atlanta, GA  30307

Attendees at our first wine tasting night will be blind-tasting more expensive wines versus cheaper wines.  You will find out if you can tell the difference and if a more expensive wine is even to your taste! Brandon will share what makes wines more expensive and how it comes across in the wine.  And just for fun, you will also try to guess the varieties and the location of the wine.


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The Edgewood evening is our first in a series of wine tastings that will not only take you around the world, but also from Wylde garden to Wylde Garden during the course of the year.

You are in for a treat!