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Wylde Garden Tour

2018 Wylde Garden Tour Facebook image

A Tour of Private Gardens in Decatur & Atlanta
Come experience the beauty and charm of some of the finest private gardens in the larger Decatur area. Early Bird Tickets are $20 ($15 for Wylde Center Members) and $25 the day of the tour. Proceeds benefit the Wylde Center. Rain or shine.

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Purchase your tickets

Time to purchase your tickets for the Wylde Garden Tour! Tickets are valid for both days of the Tour.

Ticket Pricing – Purchase your tickets online

Early Bird (Day of Pricing)

Purchase your Wylde Garden Tour tickets

Early Bird pricing ends at midnight on May 4

Where to buy your tickets in person

Tickets will be available in 2018.

In person starting April 25

  • Wylde Center Office, 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA  30030
  • Intown Ace Hardware, 1404 Scott Blvd, Decatur, GA 30030

Tickets will be available for purchase the day of at

  • Wylde Center Office, 435 Oakview Road, Decatur, GA  30030
  • Intown Ace Hardware, 1404 Scott Blvd, Decatur, GA 30030
  • Nye Garden, 810 Harold Ave, Atlanta, GA  30316

Addresses for each garden will be included in the tour ticket. However, if you would like to map out your route in advance, here is the overall Google map.

Garden Descriptions

435 Oakview Rd, Decatur 30030
Wylde Center’s Oakhurst Garden serves the greater Atlanta community as a beautiful space to learn and enjoy. It has community plots, a greenhouse, a minifarm, herb garden, chickens and pocket ecosystems throughout the site. Be sure to stop by the plant sale for vegetables, herbs, annuals, and perennials.

538 Ansley St, Decatur 30030
Enter this transformed front yard garden up stone steps leading off of the street and through the inviting garden gate. Starting in 2017, the Eskews worked with In Bloom to develop an oval framework that allows long
term nurturing of year round color and enjoyment. The maple and oak trees were moved from the middle to the side yard, fragrant tea olives were planted to create a wall of green, and perennials were added for splashes of color.

550 Ansley St. Decatur 30030
Islands of rocks left by the home’s previous owner,along with changing sun and shadow, helped shape the  development of this garden. Hosta lovers, the garden features over 30 different varieties as well as a small vegetable garden developed after the loss of trees. Numerous metal sculptures and structures are incorporated throughout the property. Let’s not forget the resident chickens!

160 Olympic Place, Decatur 30030
With the front yard transformed into a vegetable garden, this ornamental, ecological and inspirational garden features seasonal vegetables and herbs, an espalier fruit orchard with apple and fig trees and a blackberry bush.
An expansive, terraced landscape is gradually being restored to a native garden to support pollinators and wildlife.

Nelson Ferry Rd, Decatur 30030
This garden is home to more than 100 bonsai trees, which live outdoors year round on benches designed and placed to provide each type of tree the appropriate amount of sun, shade and room to breathe. Tour the renovated garden basement workshop that used to serve as the garage. The front and back yard have also been transformed featuring specimen trees and shrubs for the sun and shade garden.

104 Woodlawn Ave, Decatur 30030
Featuring spaces for entertaining, play and natural habitat, this garden includes foliage for year-round color and fragrance, edible and wildlife-friendly plants and water features, and play equipment for the family’s three children. A street-side pocket garden is favorite with neighbors.

404 Glendale Ave, Decatur 30030
This 800 square foot kitchen garden features a mix of herbs, fruit, and vegetables, including native persimmon, paw paw, blueberries and muscadine. A small tea hedge (Camelia sinensis); peach and pear trees, honey bees and chickens await your discovery!

217 Mt Vernon Dr, Decatur 30030
Features to keep children entertained and active are integrated with a broad selection of native trees and plants. A bike path, splash pad, shed and other hard scaping create a “Mountain Camp” like theme designed for family, friends and neighbors, to socialize, play and create.

130 Lenore St, Decatur, GA 30307
Multiple entertaining / sitting areas, and several water features are found throughout this pollinator-friendly garden.
Stretch your legs on more than 400 feet of walking trails featuring ferns, azaleas, and buckeyes under a canopy of
hickory, oak, cherry laurel and pine. A backyard apiary houses honey bees.

226 E Lake Dr SE, Atlanta 30317
More than 150 different perennial plants, trees and shrubs are featured in this beautiful formal English garden. Accented with walking paths, signature water features, and unique garden art to compliment the very best that nature has to offer!

147 Cleveland St SE, Atlanta 30316
This garden blends the modern lines of the house with native prairie grasses and perennials inspired by the Beltline. Rusted steel walls divide the backyard garden into beds of different sizes and shapes, and concrete squares and slate chip walkways zig zag through the space.

#12 – TERI NYE
810 Harold Ave SE, Atlanta 30316
This habitat garden features native and non-native plants that feed and house wildlife year round. There are two
small water sources and multiple host plants and nest-sites. This garden is pesticide/herbicide-free and only hand tools are used in its maintenance.

231 Sycamore St, Decatur 30030
Established in 1992, this urban oasis, hidden in the “backyard” of the Decatur Recreation Center, features an organic community garden that brings residents together. Each of the beds are unique in what is planted from herbs to flowers to vegetables. Gardeners are always on hand to answer question especially those on how to organize a successful garden that grows beautiful plants, but also grows community.


2018 Wylde Garden Tour Facebook image

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