Support the Wylde Center While Promoting Your Business

A Wylde Center sponsorship offers you an opportunity to have the name and message of your business promoted in a meaningful way to a targeted audience for a reasonable investment on your part.  Our members believe in doing business with local entrepreneurs as well as supporting businesses that in turn support the local community.  We are offering you an opportunity to engage in a unique marketing sponsorship program that is only available to a small number of businesses.

For more information about sponsoring, please contact Stephanie Van Parys – (678) 642-4977, Stephanie@wyldecenter.org or See our Powerpoint or PDF files for more information about sponsoring Wylde Center events.






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Decatur CoWorks, Private Bank of Decatur, Stability Engineering, Beth Mahany, CPA

Platinum Sponsorship

Date: Year Round
The Wylde Center offers an exciting, new opportunity for a businesses to show their support year-round, reaching thousands of people.  The overall Platinum sponsorships provide opportunities to be consistently visible to Wylde Center constituents in a variety of places.

Wylde Center Earth Day: Bee Wylde!

Date: April 24, 2016
The Wylde Center Earth Day celebration takes place at the Oakhurst Garden site. This free, family friendly event features live music, crafts, vendors, children’s activities, a cake decorating contest and of course food. What a great way to celebrate spring.  The event is attended mostly by families from the immediate area.  Attendees 1,000

Plant Sale Festival

Date: April 15,16,17 2016
Expanded to 3 days, this event features a selection of vegetable and annual transplants, perennials, natives, and fruit trees. There are free lectures and workshops throughout this opening weekend. Participants come from across metro-Atlanta.           Attendees: 2,000

Into the Wylde: A Tour of Gardens and Greenspaces

Date: May 14, 2016
For over 25 years this 2 day event invites participants to tour public and private gardens in the Decatur area.  A number of volunteers are also involved and participants come from the metro-Atlanta area.   Attendees: 500

The Beer Garden

Date: June 25, 2016
The lively, fun event is held under the stars at the Oakhurst Garden.  Attendees enjoy local beer, live music, and a silent auction.  Attendees: 450.  Click here for the Beer Garden event page.








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Decatur CoWorks, Private Bank of Decatur, Stability Engineering, Beth Mahany, CPA

Decatur Farm to School Newsletter Sponsorship

Date: Year Round
This unique opportunity gives the sponsoring business visibility throughout the year.  Events, banner placement, website placement, and the printed newsletter.  Printed four times per year, this newsletter is sent home or emailed to every parent with a child enrolled in the City Schools of Decatur.  The newsletter is also sent nationally to more than 250 individuals with an interest in Farm to School. The impact of this newsletter is extensive with more than 4,100 students enrolled in the school system.  This sponsorship opportunity is only available to one company per year.  Unique contacts: 17,000

Banner on the Fence Sponsorship

Wylde Center Banner Sponsorship Policy

The Wylde Center invites businesses to support the organization and promote their business by purchasing a fence sponsorship! A fence sponsorship enables businesses to post a banner on the perimeter fence in a prime location where passing vehicles and pedestrians can view it. The fence is also viewed by the more than 6,000 visitors per year that participate in classes, events, and private parties being held at the Oakhurst Community Garden. Hanging a banner on the fence is an opportunity for your business to not only receive valuable exposure, but to also show alignment with the values of the Wylde Center through your support.

If you are interested in hanging a banner on the fence, you must adhere to the following Production Specifications and Guidelines:

  • Send your artwork to the Wylde Center contact 14 business days before the start date of displaying the banner on the fence. The Wylde Center will take care of creating and ordering the banner. The sponsor will have an opportunity to review the banner before production.

Banner Production Specs

Banner size: 6’x 2.5’ Template: Business will have to use the template provided by the Wylde Center.

Material printed on should be for outdoor display. Minimum of four grommets should be placed, one on each corner of the banner. The cost of the banner is in addition to the advertising rates listed below. Banners are an additional $100 to the Banner Sponsorship fee.

Artwork: Please email stephanie@wyldecenter.org your artwork in an .eps file.

Placement of the Banner

A maximum of six banners total can be hung per month. Your banner may be hung with others for your reserved month.

Oakview Road: Three banners will be hung next to each other near the corner of Oakivew/S. McDonough.

S. McDonough: Three banners will hung next to each other near the corner of Oakivew/S. McDonough.

Businesses may request which side to hang their banner, however, location will be based on order of reservation.


Months Member Rate(Personal or Business) Non-Member Rate
Single Months $500 $600
6 or more Months $450 $550 based on availability



Event Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Chicks in the City Symposium  x
Plant Sale Festival x
Decatur Earth Day Festival x
Decatur Garden Tour x
Martinis in the Garden x
Overall Garden Sponsor $10K x x x x x x x x x x x x
Overall Garden Sponsor $7.5K x x x x x x x x x x x x
Urban Coop Tour x