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Our Partners

The Wylde Center with coordinates with many organizations to help advance our mission of growing greenspaces and cultivating environmental stewardship in the community.  Explore this page to learn more about them.

Decatur Recreation Center

Renfroe Middle School

Offered as an elective special class through the Decatur Recreation Department After School Program at Renfroe Middle School, these four-week sessions focus on specific skill areas, such as fall vegetables, fresh cuisine, composting, and the culture of food.

In the past, this program has included service learning components chosen by the participating students, including stream clean ups and building a turtle habitat.

Oakhurst Elementary and Winnona Park Elementary After School

Every other week, the Garden brings outdoor lessons to these after school programs, utilizing the outdoor classrooms and natural areas on the school grounds to explore the local environment. From insect studies to gardening lessons, these programs provide creative and fun ways for students to get to know their local habitat.

Decatur Recreation Center – The All Girls Green Team

The All Girls Green Team is offered through the Decatur Recreation Department’s Summer Camp program. Twelve middle school girls learn to be entrepreneurs by earning stipends for working in the garden, and starting their own environmentally responsible business. They also learn about health, teamwork and the environment. Every Wednesday afternoon, the girls staff their own booth at the Decatur Farmers Market, and at the end of the season the earnings are split among the program participants. On Tuesdays, the group works at Gaia Gardens, a 2 1/2 acre organic farm, to broaden their agricultural experience beyond the Garden. The summer culminates in a field trip to a local farm or garden site chosen by the team.

City Schools of Decatur

Oakhurst Elementary School Yard Habitat

The Oakhurst School Yard Habitat project was initiated in 2004 by a teacher who solicited interest from other teachers and received funding through the Decatur Education Foundation. Its objective was to work with classrooms to develop and begin to implement a plan to improve local wildlife habitat.

This project was developed to go hand in hand with Decatur’s new Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Curriculum, teaching transdisciplinary skills (science, math, social studies, art and English) to students of all ages through the planning and implementation of the project. Since then, the school has received a grant from Lowe’s to build an outdoor classroom. Currently, the Garden works with the school to provide on-site environmental education using the Outdoor Classroom.

Decatur High School Occupational Degree Program

This program began in 2006, giving students enrolled in Decatur High’s Exceptional Student Services an opportunity to work at the Garden twice a week during school hours. Students use this time to construct worm bins and rain barrels as well as to work in the garden and manage the worm bins. All proceeds from sales get divided among the participating students, who also sell compost worms (red wigglers) and castings, when available.

Other Programs

Wild Things

Designed for some of our youngest visitors to the Garden, Wild Things devotes 4- to 6-week sessions year round to exploring a garden theme with toddlers ages 2-5. Themes have included snakes, animals in the garden, and fall. Each day focuses on one aspect within the general theme, using story, song, crafts, activities and snacks. This program gives toddlers a structured environment in which to enjoy and learn about their natural surroundings.

Summer Garden Corps

Begun in summer 2008, the Summer Garden Corps was a direct request of some of our recent youth program participants. They had completed some of our other programs yet wanted to gain more experience at the Garden. This program is designed to provide an employment opportunity for 10 youth ages 14-18 while increasing knowledge of environmental stewardship and sustainable living life skills. Founded on what we do best — hands-on learning, organic gardening, and native and drought-resistant landscaping — youth will receive practical knowledge while helping our community greenspace. In return, paying these youth a stipend provides them a unique employment alternative and aids in retention to the program.

Additional Programming Partners

City of Decatur Schools

Decatur Education Foundation

Decatur Recreation Center

Global Growers Network

Gardens for Peace

Trees Atlanta

Georgia Organics

Atlanta Local Food Initiative

Slow Food Atlanta