Landscape References and Green Resources

The Wylde Center is happy to promote local quality businesses and individuals that have contributed to our success.  

Below is a list of business that we highly recommend.


1. The Celtic Gardener. Wylde Center chicken guru Anne-Marie Anderson:


Creating beautiful, sustainable gardens in the Decatur/Oakhurst area. Services include garden coaching, design, installation and maintenance, with a focus on sympathetic renovation of smaller in-town lots. Specializing in native plantings, Southern heirlooms, urban vegetable gardens, chickens and beekeeping.


2.  Zeigler Homestead Services

Joey Zeigler Of Zeigler Homestead Services

Joey Zeigler
Of Zeigler Homestead Services

Joey W. Zeigler .  (404) 772-2530

Zeigler Homestead Services  is committed to helping you transform your yard into the productive and sustainable homestead you always wanted.   Joey’s specialties include organic gardening, custom built chicken coops, edible landscapes and food forests, passive and active rain water catchment systems, and much more.

Joey lives in Decatur, where he loves to share the joys of gardening and chicken keeping with his wife and children.


3.  Shades of Green Inc    404.906.8055

Shades of Green, Inc. is an ecological design firm serving the Southern Appalachian bioregion of north LOGO Circlecentral Georgia and the Atlanta area. Incorporated since 2008, we regenerate the health of local ecosystems by designing and installing permaculture landscapes that provide organic food, beauty, medicine, fertile soils, and clean water, while building resilient communities and local economy.
Shades of Green, Inc.

4. Sustenance Design

Lindsey Mann,  404.377.2843,

We aim to create and support landscape ecosystems that involve and feed people, use water and energy responsibly and respond to the many dimensions of nature. More than decorating a building,landscapes serve to nourish spirit and provide sustenance.