Garden Coach

The Wylde Center offers an exciting additional service to ensure that your school, church or community organization has an effective, knowledgeable team that can maintain the garden throughout the growing season.  We invite you make use of our Garden Coach program.  Through this program, we educate your teachers, parents, community leaders to become better gardeners. All levels of gardening experience are welcome.

We start with an initial site evaluation visit.  We address what plants to include in the garden, when is the best time to plant, how to take care of the garden, how and when to harvest the vegetables, how to prepare the food, and what to do with the plant materials you aren’t using.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • soil health
  • warm vs. cool season vegetables
  • plant selection, companion planting
  • composting options
  • organic fertilizer
  • water management
  • pest managment
  • cost effective gardening

Please note that there may be an additional travel time fee for schools located more than 20 minutes away.  This fee will be determined based on total travel time and will be mutually agreed upon.

Garden Coach Services are available to work with individuals as well as groups.  For more information, email Melanie Heckman at