Donate Securities: Stocks, Bonds and Funds

Did you know that donating appreciated stock instead of cash may help you get a bigger tax break?

The tax benefits associated with charitable giving could enhance your ability to give and should be considered as part of your year-end tax planning. If the value of your stocks, funds or bonds has increased this year, giving appreciated stock directly to the Wylde Center could give you a dual tax benefit.

  1. You avoid paying taxes on the unrealized capital gains on the donated property
  2. You can write off the full value as a charitable donation when you itemize your taxes, if you have owned the asset for more than one year.
To give appreciated securities:
1. Contact Wylde Center to obtain the our brokerage account information: 404.371.1920 or contact
2. Call your financial advisor or the financial institution and let them know the number of shares you wish to contribute to Wylde Center.

If you are over age 70½:

Consider donating a portion of your required distribution from your IRA to Wylde Center, Inc.  A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) essentially allows you to donate your required minimum distribution (RMD) directly to your favorite charity and avoid taxation on the dollars coming from your IRA.

What is a Qualified Charitable Distribution

A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from an IRA payable to a qualified charity (Wylde Center). Amounts distributed as a QCD can be counted towards satisfying your RMD amount for the year, up to $100,000, and can also be excluded from taxable income. This is not the case with a regular withdrawal from an IRA, even if the withdrawal is used to make a charitable contribution later.

Why is this distinction important?

If you take the RMD as income, instead of as a QCD, your RMD will count as taxable income. Having higher gross income can directly impact your eligibility for certain deductions and credits. For example, your gross income helps determine the amount of your Social Security benefits that are subject to taxes. Keeping your gross income level lower may also help reduce potential exposure to the Medicare surtax and lower your Medicare premiums.

To make a QCD to Wylde Center, consult with your financial advisor or financial institution.  Funds must be transferred directly from your IRA to Wylde Center. This is accomplished by requesting your IRA custodian issue a check from your IRA payable to Wylde Center. You can then request that the check be mailed to Wylde Center, or forward the check yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide legal or accounting advice, or to address specific situations. Please consult with your legal or tax advisor to supplement and verify what you learn here.