Create the Sally Wylde Discovery Room


Front room

Wylde Center has identified a need for a welcoming, educational and interactive indoor space at the Oakhurst Garden, our flagship greenspace, where thousands of visitors, including community members, students on field trips and event attendees come each year. To fill this need, we are asking the community to help in creating an indoor nature center to enhance visitors’ experience at the Oakhurst Garden. The center will serve to deepen the understanding of the environment and the flora and fauna living in the Wylde Center greenspaces. We are naming this space to honor our founder, Sally Wylde, and we hope that it will attract new visitors and increase enjoyment and educational capacity for the community.

Click here to contribute to this very special project

Your donation will help remodel and fill the room with a library, exploratory science equipment and natural objects.  To say thank you and recognize your support, all donors will be listed on a sign inside the Sally Wylde Discovery Room. 

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Here’s what your donation can do: 

    • $25 Can purchase a field guide for the library
    • $50 Can purchase an educational display, such as Honey Bee lifecycles or Beneficial Insects
    • $75 Can purchase tools and equipment, such as a set of binoculars and magnifying glasses
    • $100 Can purchase larger displays, such as a 40 gallon aquarium or a mason bee house
    • $150 Can purchase paint and paint supplies
    • $200 Can purchase the largest displays, such as a beautiful framed display of soil horizons
    • $300 Can purchase carpet tiles and a new ceiling fan for the space
    • $500 Can purchase 1 of 2 live edge wooden tables going in the space

*Please note, donations to the Sally Wylde Discovery Room are separate from your annual Wylde Center membership