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The Wylde Center is excited to offer advertising opportunities that support our organization while at the same time promoting yours.

Chicks in the City Program and/or Urban Coop Tour Program

Circulation: 500

The Wylde Center offers two major chicken-related events for 2013 – The Chicks in the City Symposium and the Urban Coop Tour.

In February, 100 current and potential chicken owners across the Greater Atlanta area will attend the Chicks in the City Symposium event offers an exciting opportunity for repeat exposure at one the year’s major chicken-related events.  Attendees learn the ins and outs of maintaining a flock from building a safe coop to learning about different feeds that exist. The questions are endless and the opportunity to promote your business to this captive audience is tremendous.

Five hundred Metro Atlanta chicken lovers are expected to attend the Urban Coop Tour during the first weekend of October 2013. Every single one of them wants to know where to buy chicken food, where to get chicks, how to build a coop, where to find a veterinarian who can work with chickens. Through past tours, we have discovered that Tour participants are not just interested in chickens, but also bees and other small farm animals. Their 20-page ticket is treasured even after the event as a handy reference source for all things chickens, bees, and other small farm animals in the Atlanta area.

An advertisement in the Chicks in the City and/or Urban Coop Tour program will promote your business, service, or organization to an audience interested in doing business with members of our community. Your advertisement will be seen by gardeners, backyard poultry enthusiasts, beekeepers and consumers alike, who share your area of interest or support what is important to you.

Ad space is limited in the 8.5 x 11” program. Please email for remaining availability. Discounts are available for Wylde Center members who have joined at any level.

Wylde Center’s Quarterly Magazine and Class Program

Circulation: 1,000

The Wylde Center publishes its Magazine and Growings On booklet quarterly.  The publications feature program highlights, garden articles, and share the many ways the community interfaces with the Wylde Center.  The Magazine is mailed to Wylde Center member households across Atlanta with 70% of the addresses located within Decatur.

An advertisement in the Wylde Center’s Magazine not only gives your business, service, or organization valuable exposure, but also shows alignment with the Wylde Center values.  Your advertisement will be seen by gardeners and consumers alike who live in your area of interest or who support what is important to you. Current circulation (as of March 2015) is 1,000 issues per year.

Ad space is limited.  Please email to find out what size ads are available for the spring and fall issue.